hey i'm charlotte and blair waldorf is the homie. oh i also make gifs.

Hey guys! I’m definitely ready to start giffing again so expect gifs in a few days. Non GG related, I really wanted to give a shoutout to my talented friend Loren. I would be so freaking happy if you guys could check out her art blog (and follow if you want to) http://lorenhime.tumblr.com

She is one of my very best friends and it honestly would mean a lot to me if you took a look at her blog. She totally deserves this.


Thank you guys for giving me this much needed break! Going to hopefully be making gifs soon (possibly next week?) LOVE YOU ALL!

This is gonna be a TL;DR so only read if you’d like!

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Nate is extremely underrated, and honestly rewatching Gossip Girl last year, and even making gifs and somewhat rewatching the episodes and seeing him, he’s pretty much one of my favorites. He always has the “best intentions” (haha no pun intended for your url) for his friends and he genuinely cares and loves them equally. Not to mention he got dealt a pretty shitty year in season 1 with the family stuff/pressures to go to Dartmouth instead of pursuing what he really wanted. Same thing later on when his grandfather wanted him to kind of run with politics and he just wanted to backpack with Vanessa in Europe.

He is just so good-hearted. He felt so guilty for cheating on Blair with HER BEST FRIEND and not only that, but for falling IN LOVE with her. He couldn’t help it, it just happened. And he owned up for it, knowing he’d lose Blair in the process.

Ugh, if there’s anything I want in life, it’s not to have a guy like Chuck OR Dan (although hey, I guess it’d be cool too), but to have a guy like Nate. And yeah, he made some mistakes, but who doesn’t? No one’s perfect, but he had an amazing heart <3

Alsoooooooo, Chuck’s alias in the first two episodes of season 4 is Henry.

And there happens to be a little boy named Henry in the season 6 finale. Anyone else catch that before?