Anonymous asked: what version of photoshop you use to edit your gifs?

CS3. I know, such an old version but whatever it gets the job done :)

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THANK YOU! Haha this really means a lot :) <3

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Anonymous asked: I kinda wish there was more of Nate and Blair's friendship on the show. It's like they went from dating to acquaintances (except for in season 3 when he comforted blair after the whole trading her for his hotel thing, that was sweet)

I just think he backed off a bit to heal and to let her figure out where she stands with Chuck. I liked their friendship though too and he was always really sweet with her!

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Anonymous asked: do you have any good gossip girl blogs to recomend?

I honestly haven’t been looking because I don’t follow any blogs at the moment. If a Gossip Girl network gets created though I’m hoping to find some awesome ones!

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chrliepace asked: You should start a GG tumblr network. I'd love to be apart of it! Even though I'm not fully a GG blog, I do try and reblog it a lot :)

This would be an amazing idea! Kinda start a GG fandom back up with a network. I want to do this when I have more time, possibly this Summer (my semester is almost over anyway so I could start this up now). Would anyone else be interested in this? Like this post if you’d want a GG network with a list of GG blogs and awesome people to meet and talk to. I’d love to get to know you guys and be awesome friends :) and we could have Gossip Girl nights where we rewatch episodes and liveblog about them in a tinychat or something. Haha I really want to do this now! :D

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prncssidjitrusher asked: I can't believe I never found your blog before, I LOVE IT! Blair Waldorf is my hero, and so now are you! :) stay amaze, dearie!

Thank you so much! Blair Waldorf is possibly the best human being :)

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It’s been forever I know! But I haven’t given up on this blog! In fact I’m going to be doing lots of requests today :)

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